Testing Resource Expertise
Our core team comprises of Software Test Professionals with vast experience in Application Domains, Software Development, Quality Assurance, V&V and Testing. With a matured and process oriented approach to testing, we are well equipped to handle any kind of Software Testing Assignments. We have expertise in a number of hardware/software platforms, variety of problem domains and with different test tools. With our vast experience in serving clients across multiple domains with various needs, we can help design best-fit IT solutions and take complete end-to-end implementation responsibility.

Domain Expertise

Our testing practice offers a comprehensive suite of software testing services:

Test Life Cycle
Test Strategy: We build/develop test strategy considering key objectives of the project/product and the FURPS (Functionality, Usability, Reliability, Performance and Supportability) standards.

Test Estimation: At PTG we hold the responsibility of Effort estimations for the product going to be tested. Considering the test strategy and approach decided for the test, we come up with the effort estimates using 'Bottom up' approach for timely deliverables, aligning the needs of the business. Test Case Design & Test Suite Preparation: We prepare various test plans (Acceptance, System, Integration, Unit) from the software artifacts, design Tests, and develop Test Cases for the level of testing required.

Test Execution: From setting up the complete environment for Testing, PTG executes tests either using automated tools or manually. The test results are compiled and submitted to the clients.

Software Evaluation and Acceptance Testing: Whenever a customer gets software developed from a third party vendor, it is critical for the customer to evaluate the software before signing off. On behalf of our customers, we evaluate the software for functionality, usability, maintainability, supportability (and other FURPS+ goals). We also verify the correctness and completeness of associated documents and other work products, and also carry out acceptance testing.

Test Metrics Generation & Reporting: We generate test metrics such as defect density, Feature-wise Radar chart, Objective fulfillment, etc. and report it to the customer as part of our final deliverables. This will help the customer to focus on critical aspects and enable him to better position the product in the market. Test Deliverables: All the test artifacts that are developed on each stage on the test life cycle are handed over to the stake holders of the project with reporting based on Go/No Go decisions.

Specialized Testing Services

Test Automation
We determine if automation will benefit the client’s needs and then works with major test tools such as HP – QTP, Load Runner, Segue Silk Test, Selenium, Test partner, Microsoft - VSTS etc., to tailor the right tool for the client’s application. With our expertise in using a variety of automated test tools, we find out the suitability of an Automated Test Tool for the software.

Test Metrics
Software metrics plays an important role in measuring attributes that are critical to the success of a software project. Measurement of these attributes helps to make the characteristics and relationships between the attributes clearer. This in turn supports informed decision making.
We at Ciobera follow:

Agile Testing
We at Ciobera follows Agile/Scrum methodologies to deliver the product, depending on the customer business model and the delivery needs. Agile/scrum methodologies can be adopted and can deliver the quality product on time. Typical process of agile cycle starts from preparing sprints, identifying product backlogs for respective sprints and follow scrum methodologies and deliver the product.