Employee Benefits

Company Culture
Ciobera is a company whose success is based on the caliber of its consultants. As such it is our goal to be a true consultant-focused company. We strive to create and maintain a healthy, growth-oriented environment that encourages our employees to excel and pursue their individual career goals. As an employee with Ciobera, we will provide you with tools to forge into your path and be successful. Our experienced consultants make us a strong and growing company with a reputation of delivery and quality staffing. A career with Ciobera means working with a solid group of experienced co-workers who love what they do. If you are an ambitious individual with the ability to drive your own career, then please consider opportunities with us.

Compensation Packages
Ciobera's policy is to pay consultants well in order to attract the best talent in the industry. Our success in the industry is a direct result of our consultant's efforts and so we feel that we must while being competitive in the market, compensate them appropriately. Ciobera's total compensation package includes base compensation and a generous benefits package. For our consulting services positions, we generally offer at least two flexible compensation plans: salaried and hourly. For any of the plans that have a base salary, we also offer paid time off and holiday pay based on years of service. We offer these flexible plans so that you can choose one that matches best with your lifestyle.

Employee Benefits
We offer great opportunities to be part of a challenging and exciting work environment which is an opportunity that should not be overlooked.