A Comprehensive Functionally rich, Integrated Wealth Management Solution.

In today's complex market place, where the degree of uncertainity is greater and the global economic outlook remains highly uncertain, traditional investment methodology and investment risk tolerance assumptions are greatly challenged. Asset Managers, Portfolio adminstrators, financial system managers are expected to be proactive, increase proficiency while managing the customers investments.

We at Ciobera realize the need for preemptive asset management, financial planning and have developed comprehensive solutions that are scalable, cost effective, improves efficiency and meets the needs and strategic goals of our customers, Our FYNISYS wealth management system is a cloud based, integrated cross-asset solution providing the best-in-class functionality for each product class while eliminating the cost of installing and maintaining individual on-premise systems.

The Top Modules includes:
Fund Administration, Portfolio Management, Accounting and Financial Management

Product Offering
Ciobera Information Technology offers a comprehensive and cost effective wealth management solution that's tailored to the unique needs of your business. FYNISYS platform includes a complete suite of modules with transaction processing capabilities that manages every as[ect of fund/portfolio adminstration, financial planning and various back office processes for streamlined operations.

Functional Features

Technical Features
Hardware Details


Hardware (2 Server)

Hardware (Client PC)

Key Benifits
Cloud-based Solutions: Ready to use cloud based solution that requires no capital investment

Centralized Investor Data: Provides fast and secure access to investors data stored in a central database.

Enhanced Reporting: Allows areas to track complete company portfolio data with respect to compliance and risk management, including KYC tracking.

Time Saving with an Integrated System: Our fully integrated accounting system allows portfolio management and partnership accounting through single console thus saving time of shifting through spreadsheets or seperate accounting systems.

Data Integrity and Security: Provides an outstanding set of access control, user rights managements with comprehensive and detailed audit trials for all data access.