Cloud Computing

ISV SaaS Design & Development
SaaS has many advantages over the traditional software delivery model. The recurring revenue stream, simpler maintenance and application updates, and the lower cost of delivery and distribution are especially attractive for both the application provider and the end users.

SaaS practice at Ciobera assists Independent Software Vendor (ISV)’s in bringing complex multi-tenanted SaaS applications to market in a timely and cost effective manner.

If migrating to the SaaS model is currently on your agenda, consider private cloud computing in your migration to a SaaS delivery model for lower risk, faster migration and preserving the end user experience.

SaaS Feasibility Study
Almost all ISV's have to consider the 'SaaS question' at some point in time.

The SaaS question is a big issue and is as much a commercial concern, as it is a technical concern. It is also a matter that justifies looking for an external IT services partner, both to provide specialist advice and to deliver cost effective 'heavy lifting'.

Ciobera's preferred method of engaging with ISV's is therefore via a feasibility study, designed to bring together the ISV's technical and commercial people, as well as introducing Ciobera SaaS specialists into the discussion.

The Ciobera Feasibility Study normally lasts 2 - 4 weeks. The deliverable is the SaaS Feasibility Study Report, to provide the information necessary to support the ISV's go/no-go decision.

SaaS Application Development Process
Due to greater technical complexity, SaaS application development often requires considerable up-front design and architecture work. Once the key design and development decisions are made, the process often utilizes an Agile development methodology, aimed at bringing modules of the application online as soon as possible. During ongoing operations, Agile is also a good choice of methodology because designers and developers have real-time access to the SaaS platform and can quickly re-prioritize development in response to user behavior. SaaS developers can therefore take advantage of 'click-driven' research and development, poll-based development, and feature-by-feature release and evolution.

The initimacy of the SaaS platform enables designers and developers to be much more in touch with customer requirements as compared to traditional on-premises software developers, so that not only is the development process more agile, but the whole SaaS business is more agile.

Business Transformation
Ciobera works with ISV's to help manage the transition from Application Package vendor to SaaS vendor, by assessing and planning for the investment required to embrace the SaaS model, and for the transition to SaaS operation and revenue generation.

For many ISV's there is great potential in becoming a SaaS vendor, but the technical and commercial barriers are high. It makes sense to partner with a SaaS transition specialist in order to make transition as quickly and as cost effectively as possible.

Application Transformation
There are several ways of transforming an existing application package to the SaaS model. Ciobera works with ISV's to identify the best form of transition, depending upon the objectives and the available budget.

Ciobera can also help to achieve a dual mode of operation which enables ISV's to transform from a software license business model to a balanced software license and SaaS subscription business model. Alternatively, a pure SaaS mode can be engineered to enable the ISV to attain the highest possible level of business efficiency and compete effectively against international competitors.