FYNISYS Wealth Management Solution

Our comprehensive range of products include a wide range of custom made back office solutions built on the most advanced and scalable technologies. Our low cost back office IT solutions are designed with the utmost care to cover all departments of your organization. Our state of the technology solutions are the best available options throughout the Middle East for any brokerage firm or investment bank.

Our commitment to provide better service to you has recently resulted in the creation of a wondrous management information and fund accounting system named FYNISYS-Fund Module. This fully integrated system has been developed to cater all your requirements of all of you who are into Fund Management, Wealth Management, or Mutual Funds. This amazing software is the answer to all your finance back office requirements.

Some of the most exciting features of FYNISYS are

Functional Features

Manage all type of Fund Administration
Multi Funds, Multi Asset, Multi Currency
Handles Shariah & Liquidity Funds
Handles all types of currencies and markets
Share Register Module
Subscription & Redemption module & Confirmation by email
Investment Allocation & Compliance Reports
Safekeeping Assets/Securities such as Stocks, Bonds, Commodities
Settlement of Purchase/Sales transactions
Corporate Actions
Shares Pledge/Un Pledge
Upload daily Market Prices, FX Rates, and Index
Blocking and Unblocking of Shares
Bond Transactions & tracks dividends income schedule
Fixed Deposits & Auto Journal entries
Generate Daily, Weekly, and Monthly NAV
Free Calculations (Management, Custody, Performance, Admin fees)
Email Fund Holdings & Cash statements to Investor

Technical Features

    Web Enabled Solution
    Download market feeds from Bloomberg & Reuters
    Security 2-Eye concept (Maker & Checker)
    Audit Trial of all the activities
    Password Validation minimum 8 char.
    Reports can be exported to Excel, PDF
    Email & Fax reports to clients
    Easy to customize

Hardware Details

   Oracle 10g or Above
   Oracle Application Server 10g or Above
   Oracle Forms & Reports 11g
Hardware (2 Server)
   Intel® Xeon® CPU
   Speed 3.16 GHz
   Memory 10 GB
   Windows 2003 (32/64 bit operating system)
Hardware (Client PC)
   Intel® Core™ Due CPU
   Speed 2.4 GHz
   Memory 6 GB
   Windows XP/Vista
   20” Monitor
   Internet Explorer 8